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In the Morning was an actual band recording. We performed it "live" in the studio, then went back and replaced each instrumental track with a more polished one. The lead and backing vocals were, likewise, re-recorded to produce this version.

The musicians are:

  • Thom Stark
    • Lead and backing vocals
    • Guitar
    • Roland TR-707 drum machine programming
  • John Ohlmann
    • Backing vocal
    • Bass guitar
  • Brad Hotchkiss
    • Backing vocal
    • Juno 60 (Rhodes piano patch)
  • "Little" Billy Panzer
    • Backing vocal
    • Guitar

In the Morning
(Copyright© 1983 by Robert Richey and Thom Stark--all rights reserved)

You like to play it helpless,
But you know just what to do.
And I come on so selfless,
But we both know that ain't true.
You know what I'm looking for.
I want to share the night
And wake up here, beside you in the morning light.

It's such an ancient game we play
and we both know the rules.
It doesn't matter much what we say,
'Cause the words are only tools.
I know what you're looking for:
You want to share the night
And wake up here, beside me in the morning light.

And I'm almost home
And I'm not alone,
Like I was before.

The time we've spent together,
We've grown to be such friends,
And now it seems like, whether
It starts tonight, or it ends,
We'll both get what we're looking for,
'Cause we're gonna share tonight
And wake up here, together, in the morning light.