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My songwriting partner, Bob Richey, was stuck with half a song he called Cross the Sky. He had all the verses. What was missing was a chorus. I supplied that, as well as this arrangement and the one we used in The Jungle Band and The Egos.

The musicians are:

  • Thom Stark
    • Lead vocal
    • Lead and rhythm guitars
    • Piano
    • Roland TR-707 drum machine programming
  • John Ohlmann
    • Bass guitar
  • Tom Mackey
    • Rhythm lead guitar
  • Judy Stark
    • Backing vocal

Cross the Sky
(Copyright© 1983 by Robert Richey and Thom Stark--all rights reserved)

As I cross the sky,
I see faces in the wind
And they speak to me
And they tell me where they've been.
In the morning bright,
A magic light is on.
Sometimes the water flashes in the sun.

Crossing the sky; crossing the sea:
Under the stars, over the trees.

As I cross the sky,
I pass over hills and plains.
I watch ships at night,
I watch swiftly rolling trains.
I watch airports.
I watch all-night factories.
I watch ammunition shipped out overseas.

Crossing the sky..etc.

As I cross the sky,
Watch the night devour the day,
On the other side
Light is sweeping it away.
My celestial flesh
Will pass you right at dawn,
And you're with me for a moment, then I'm gone.

Crossing the sky..etc.