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Bob was the first song I wrote after my songwriting partnership with Bob Richey dissolved. For the longest time, Bob was convinced it was about him.

It isn't.

I wrote Bob about someone else altogether--and I thought seriously about naming it after him, too. Then I reconsidered and decided that, if David Letterman could name his (since long deceased) dog "Bob", there was nothing to stop me from naming my song "Bob", too.

And that's just what I did.

The musicians are:

  • Thom Stark
    • Lead vocal
    • All guitars
    • Juno 60 (Hammond organ patch)
    • Roland TR-707 drum machine programming
  • John Ohlmann
    • Bass guitar

(Copyright© 1984 by Thom Stark--all rights reserved)

You're still saying that you've got nothing to hide.
Smile that smile--that smile so open and wide.
Guess you're just gonna make me finely decide.

I don't care what it takes.
I don't care if your poor heart breaks.
How does it feel to have the tables get turned on you?

All too often I just have to try and pretend
The things you do are things that I can defend.
One more trick and that's it: It's over. The end.

No. I don't wanna know.
Oh, go ahead and go.

I'm not gonna be too understanding, my friend.
I'm not gonna be that sentimental, again.
Here's one thing on which, oh, you can depend:

I don't care what it takes..